Market Squared brings you Volcube in Association with Euronext

"Options trading can be both complicated and multi-faceted. Volcube allows newcomers to the option markets to learn, practise and apply all of the necessary disciplines. It is, quite simply, unique. I wish that Volcube had existed when I was learning to trade."
Bill Beagles, options educator and former options trader for Lloyds & market-maker for Amsterdam Options Traders.

"Volcube has changed the need to complete long and arduous apprenticeships with experienced traders. I believe Volcube makes it possible to condense 2 or 3 years of experience into a much shorter timeframe. I worked as an options volatility trader for over a decade and can testify that the Volcube games are as close to the ‘real thing’ as it’s possible to get."
Simon Hart, former independent option market-maker and options trading team manager at Fortis Bank.


Market Squared brings you Volcube to bridge the gap between options theory and its practical application. Volcube's advanced and enjoyable simulation trading approach makes learning the complicated world of options trading straightforward.

  • Used by newbies and full time option traders world-wide
  • Learn by trading in the realistic simulation environment
  • Option theory presented in bite-size videos and articles
  • Master the Greeks and implied volatility trading
  • Analyse your performance with the detailed statistical reports
  • Earn the downloadable Certificate showing proficiency in options and volatility trading

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